Model Analysis Script

  1. Download the zip archive containing the MDG technology which provides the analysis script at and unpack this archive.
  2. Install the MDG technology in Enterprise Architect:
    • Start Enterprise Architect.
    • Select the menu Settings > MDG Technologies… The MDG Technologies dialog opens.
    • Click on the Advanced… button. The MDG Technologies – Advanced dialog opens.
    • Click on the Add button. A context menu is displayed, choose Add Path from it.
    • Choose the folder where you unpacked the zip archive
    • Confirm all dialogs with OK.
    • Restart Enterprise Architect.
    • Go again to Settings > MDG Technologies… and check the option MDG for analyzing uml models.
    • Restart Enterprise Architect again.

    Further information about how to use MDG technologies can be found at

  3. Execute the script for analyzing your model:
    • Start Enterprise Architect.
    • Open the model which you want to analyze.
    • Open the Scripting view in Enterprise Architect by selecting the menu View > Scripting.
    • In the Scripting view, open the folder MDG for analyzing uml models.
    • Open the script file Analyzing EA Model by double-clicking.
    • Change the location where the analysis result shall be stored in line 56 of the script.
    • Start the script by clicking on the button Run script (third symbol from the left).
    • In the Output view (you can open it using the menu View > System Output) the message “Done!” is displayed once the script finished and the output file was created.

The script as well as this installation guide were tested with Enterprise Architect Version 9.0 Ultimate Edition.