Model Execution based on fUML
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moliz subsumes the research efforts of researchers at the Business Informatics Group at TU Wien, Vienna, Austria, on the topic of model execution in the years 2011 Р2018. These research efforts were mainly concerned with the execution of models based on the OMG standard foundational UML (fUML).


In model-driven development models are considered as the key artifacts and, as a result, the success of the whole development process relies on these models and their quality. Consequently, there is an urgent need for adequate methods to ensure high quality of models. Model execution can serve as the crucial basis for such methods by enabling to automatically test and debug models.


Within moliz, we have developed

  • xMOF, an operational semantics specification approach that uses fUML as metaprogramming language
  • Generic model analysis facilities and tools usable for any executable modeling language developed with xMOF
  • Analysis tools for fUML
  • Integrations with the language workbench GEMOC Studio

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